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Terms and Conditions

A. In case of admission in the language preparation test

  1. Student agrees to take the IELTS class from this institute.
  2. The student is provided the free class for IELTS only if he/she assures us to do the further processing (abroad studies) from us.
  3. The cost of course of IELTS is NRs 4000 which student is bound to pay if he/she withdraws the application for any reason, be it for insufficient score, drop abroad studies, other reasons, etc. and can take their documents back after the payment is made.
  4. In case of PTE, total course cost is NRs. 6500 out of which NRs. Nrs 2500 which is chargeable for every kind of student and remaining amount is only payable in the condition, if student withdraws the application for any reason mentioned in clause No. 3. The Amount 2500 may increase as per the increment in the duration of class period as it is the material needed to practice.
  5. The student agrees not to make any discussion while making the payment and go according to the signed agreement.
  6. In case of Duolingo, the total fee is NRs 2500 but the amount is free in case the student applies for the abroad studies from us otherwise they have to pay the total payment of the class.

B. In case of Processing of abroad studies

  1. The student agrees to pay the processing charge (differs according to the country) before visa which is non-refundable.
  2. The student agrees to pay the remaining charge (if any) after visa.
  3. The student agrees to provide the cheque of the sum of college fee for guarantee. (If any).
  4. While the process of documentation, applicant needs to pay certain charges and the sum is non- refundable.
  5. Once the offer letter is issued, the applicant cannot cancel the process and if he/she does, then they are liable to pay the full processing charge (the expenses occurred before the cancellation) to the consultancy.
  6. Students must make in mind that whatever embassy decides, consultancy is not answerable in anyway as the consultancy is just the mediator and plays the role of guiding the students.
  7. In case of refusal, college will refund their fee back and are bound to wait for the sum till the college returns it.
  8. The student admits that all the documents that he/she provided to the consultancy are original and in case of fraudulence, consultancy has nothing to do with it.
  9. The final documents have been confirmed by the student and agrees to proceed with the final documents.

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